Family Ties

Working hard together.

Over 60 years ago, our founding Schriemer forefathers immigrated to Manitoba, Canada. Shortly after they had become established in the cultural landscape, they realized the value and importance of serving the needs of others, and became entrepreneurs.

Choosing to offer quality products, backed by superior service, they began selling fruits and vegetables on the road, and continuously progressed from there. Over time, the Schriemers built substantial and positive reputations and relationships within Manitoba communities, and it is our goal still today, to serve our clients, just as we have in the past.

To us, our focus was never just about business. Relationships extended beyond a transaction or simple handshake – they have the potential to last a lifetime! So, the care and personal well being of our customers has always been of importance. Now, we aim to replicate these great business assets in all of our activities moving forward.



Get up close and personal with one of Manitoba’s greatest agricultural and economic assets! Available at this location are all Schriemers branded products, and our freshest produce, picked fresh off the vine.