At the Market Centre

A few years ago, we had a dream to create a destination in Manitoba that would make a lasting impression. Not only did we want to be able to provide you with the freshest food you could ever get your hands on, we wanted to showcase our passion for, and expertise in it’s production as well. The Schriemers historical values, combined with our ongoing innovative spirit and drive have made the Schriemers’ Market Centre a truly unique and exciting place for you to visit. Below is our company portfolio, with each business being housed under the Schriemer name and located at our brand new Centre. So bring your family and friends and spend the day, or stop by on your way out to your summer destinations … there is so much to do!

Schriemers F&G


Your outdoor living spaces need so much more than just plants to deliver on the four-season functionality and beauty you demand.

That’s why Schriemer’s Flower and Garden offers a complete range of landscaping and gardening products and services, from landscaping and gardening supplies to hardscaping to tools, and everything in between. With your imagination and creativity and our world-class landscaping products, your outdoor spaces and gardens are destined to shine. Remember to check out the Get Inspired page!

Vic’s Market


Plan the perfect snacks, meals, and events with all of the finest and most irresistible foods Manitoba is famous for

 – organic foods, farm-fresh meats, deli products, gourmet cheeses, preserves, and all sorts of other specialty items that are available exclusively at Vic’s Market. You can also sit down and relax outside with treats from our brand new Ice Cream parlor.

Precision Produce


Learn all about how we grow fresh, safe, traceable vegetables all year round in Manitoba in our Precision Produce greenhouses.

 From crisp, crunchy cucumbers, to fresh, juicy tomatoes picked fresh off the vine, these will be the most nutritious and flavourful vegetables you’ve ever had – truly home-grown goodness!