Get Inspired

It all starts with colour! Browse our galleries below and get inspired by a variety of looks this season, created to get you started on your own outdoor masterpiece. Feel free to replace colour selections and specific plants with your own ideas, based on your soil type, garden location, size of container, or even your favourite outfit!

Get the look for your garden in the sun!

Embrace your shady haven.

Make the most of a partly sunny/shady location.


Classic Sun Gallery

The Bee’s Knees

As classic as the phrase itself, this palette is sure to always brighten your day.

Warm up your garden with vibrant oranges, accent with lime foliage, and a finishing touch of traditional yellow daisies or Black Eyed Susan’s.

  • > Orange Tiger Lily
  • > Gloriosa Daisy
  • > Black-Eyed Susan
  • > Lime Green Coral Bells
  • > Switch Grass

Colour Palette

icon-classicAll perennial combination
  • sun_classic_beesknees_1
  • sun_classic_beesknees_2
  • sun_classic_beesknees_3
  • sun_classic_beesknees_4
  • sun_classic_beesknees_5

Natural SUN Gallery

Gin & Tonic

Gardening doesn’t have to be complicated.

Simplify your plant selections to get the look for this garden. Crisp white blooms, black mulch, and a variety of muted greens keep this concept clean and refreshing.

  • > White Petunia
  • > White Geranium
  • > Variegated Vine
  • > Draceana Spike
  • > Dusty Miller

Colour Palette

colour_type_nAll Annual Combination
  • sun_natural_gin-tonic_1
  • sun_natural_gin-tonic_2
  • sun_natural_gin-tonic_3
  • sun_natural_gin-tonic_4
  • sun_natural_gin-tonic_5

Natural SUN Gallery

Tall Grass Prairie

This rugged all-natural garden is the perfect slice of nature.

Grasses come in vast amounts of colours and textures, so be sure to select ones that will contrast with your stonework, mulch, and finest outdoor landscape features.

  • > Purple Fountain Grass
  • > Bulbous Oat Grass
  • > Switch Grass
  • > Toffee Twist
  • > Black Mulch

Colour Palette

colour_type_nAll Perennial Combination
  • sun_natural_tall-grass_1
  • sun_natural_tall-grass_2
  • sun_natural_tall-grass_3
  • sun_natural_tall-grass_4
  • sun_natural_tall-grass_5

Natural SUN Gallery

Wabi Sabi

Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.

This garden aesthetic models these three comprehensive Japanese characteristics of real beauty. All of the elements are intended to leave you feeling peaceful by their understated elegance.

  • > Canna Lily Foliage
  • > King Tut Grass
  • > White Canna Lillies
  • > Dodecatheons
  • > Red Mulch

Colour Palette

colour_type_nPerennial/Annual Combination
  • sun_natural_wabi_4
  • sun_natural_wabi_2
  • sun_natural_wabi_5
  • sun_natural_wabi_3
  • sun_natural_wabi_6

Classic SUN Gallery

Weekend in Vegas

You’re ready to take a gamble on a new look this year.

Pair up your favourite classics with fun, new, variegated foliage and blooms, that will ensure you’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot!

  • > Variegated Vine
  • > Green Envy Zinnias
  • > Yellow Petunias
  • > White Petunias
  • > Yellow Million Bells

Colour Palette

icon-classicAll Annual Combination
  • sun_classic_vegas_1
  • sun_classic_vegas_2
  • sun_classic_vegas_3
  • sun_classic_vegas_4
  • sun_classic_vegas_5

Classic SUN Gallery

Grace Kelly

A classic theatrical production of showy blooms.

Dramatic foliage, and tufts of baby’s breath depicts one of the most prestigious, beautiful, and well known women ever to live. It’s timeless, memorable, and surprisingly low-maintenance!

  • > Black Lace Elder
  • > Pink Chrysamthemums
  • > Dark Pink Peonies
  • > Light Pink Peonies
  • > Baby's Breath

Colour Palette

icon-classicAll Perennial/Shrub Combination
  • sun_classic_gracekelly_1
  • sun_classic_gracekelly_2
  • sun_classic_gracekelly_3
  • sun_classic_gracekelly_4
  • sun_classic_gracekelly_5

Trending SUN Gallery

Alice in Wonderland

Let your mind wander,

and get whisked away into a world filled with colours inspired by a famous fairytale. Dreamy undertones of yellow and violet are set off by the magical appearance of pink and purple daisies every morning.

  • > Dark Purple Verbena
  • > Purple Cup Flowers
  • > Dark Pink Osteospermums
  • > Creeping Jenny Vine
  • > Yellow Argyranthemums

Colour Palette

colour_type_tAll Perennial/Shrub Combination
  • sun_trendy_alice_1
  • sun_trendy_alice_2
  • sun_trendy_alice_3
  • sun_trendy_alice_4
  • sun_trendy_alice_5

Trending SUN Gallery

John Baldessari

Make art out of container gardening this season.

The humor and whimsy in a collaboration of geometry and structure enhances the use of appropriation, a technique which uses objects with original beauty and intrigue.

  • > Assorted Sedum
  • > Assorted Sedum
  • > Assorted Sedum
  • > Assorted Sedum
  • > Assorted Sedum

Colour Palette

colour_type_tAll Perennial Combination
  • sun_trendy_baldessari_1
  • sun_trendy_baldessari_2
  • sun_trendy_baldessari_3
  • sun_trendy_baldessari_4
  • sun_trendy_baldessari_5

Trending SUN Gallery

Pop The Hood

Rev up your garden with this make and model!

Designed for the avid car lover, steely blues, luxurious reds, and sculptural blooms will guarantee your satisfaction with no hassle, no salesmen, and no O.A.C.

  • > Blue Globe Thistles
  • > Purple Fountain Grass
  • > Rust Calla Lillies
  • > Orange Coral Bells
  • > Peach Cone Flowers

Colour Palette

colour_type_tPerennial/Annual Combination
  • sun_trendy_popthehood_1
  • sun_trendy_popthehood_2
  • sun_trendy_popthehood_4
  • sun_trendy_popthehood_6
  • sun_trendy_popthehood_5

Bold SUN Gallery

VIP Room Service

There’s nothing better,

than waking up in your luxury suite to a 5-star experience. Order up a decadent palette of rich hues that will make you never want to check out.

  • > Orange Canna Lillies
  • > Canna Lily Foliage
  • > Purple Fountain Grass
  • > Lime Green Potato Vine
  • > Dark Purple Double Petunias

Colour Palette

colour_type_bAll Annual Combination
  • sun_bold_room-service_1
  • sun_bold_room-service_2
  • sun_bold_room-service_3
  • sun_bold_room-service_4
  • sun_bold_room-service_5

Bold SUN Gallery

Sunset Boulevard

You finally made it to Hollywood.

This palette was selected to give you an experience you’ve only dreamt about. Take a stroll down the strip and take in the sights and sounds of the rich and famous.

  • > Dark Purple Chrysanthemum
  • > Light Purple Alliums
  • > Dark Blue Delphiniums
  • > Coreopsis
  • > Orange Canna Lillies

Colour Palette

colour_type_bPerennial/Annual Combination
  • sun_bold_room-sunset_5
  • sun_bold_room-sunset_2
  • sun_bold_room-sunset_3
  • sun_bold_room-sunset_1
  • sun_bold_room-sunset_4

Bold SUN Gallery

Jem & The Holograms

This starlit garden is truly outrageous!

The shape and bold colour of these animated blooms have been carefully selected to keep the beat going all summer long.

  • > Bachelor Buttons
  • > Dark Pink Dianthus
  • > Ageratums
  • > Yellow Zinnias
  • > Orange Multi-Coloured Zinnias

Colour Palette

colour_type_bPerennial/Annual Combination
  • sun_bold_holograms_1
  • sun_bold_holograms_3
  • sun_bold_holograms_2
  • sun_bold_holograms_4
  • sun_bold_holograms_5

Natural SHADE Gallery

Cup of Joe

Brewed to perfection

this is made for a morning person. Rich browns are paired with unique fuzzy foliage that will catch dew drops, guaranteed to glisten across your garden until your pot of coffee is run out, and you’re ready to start your day.

  • > Millet Grass
  • > Dusty Miller
  • > Hosta
  • > Black Mulch
  • > Trailing Helichrysum

Colour Palette

colour_type_nAnnual/Perennial Combination
  • shade_natural_cupofjoe_1
  • shade_natural_cupofjoe_2
  • shade_natural_cupofjoe_4
  • shade_natural_cupofjoe_5
  • shade_natural_cupofjoe_3

Natural SHADE Gallery

Howl at the Moon

The sun has set and it’s finally a full moon.

Watch this mystical garden inspiration come to life under the natural luminescence. It’s packed full of silver and gray foliage, and white blooms that naturally glow at night.

  • > Lambs Ear
  • > Bulbous Oat Grass
  • > Silver Bugloss
  • > White Dianthus
  • > Impatiens

Colour Palette

colour_type_nAll Perennial Combination
  • shade_natural_howlatthemoon_1
  • shade_natural_howlatthemoon_2
  • shade_natural_howlatthemoon_3
  • shade_natural_howlatthemoon_4
  • shade_natural_howlatthemoon_5

Natural SHADE Gallery

On the Green

Five strokes later and you’re finally there!

The added appreciation will be because of the smell of fresh spruce, teamed up with big showy lime and white hydrangeas. Just tell your friends at the club you got a hole in one.

  • > Junipers
  • > Burning Bush
  • > Limelight Hydrangeas
  • > White Hydrangeas
  • > Black Mulch

Colour Palette

colour_type_nAll Perennial Combination
  • shade_neutral_onthegreen_1
  • shade_neutral_onthegreen_2
  • shade_neutral_onthegreen_3
  • shade_neutral_onthegreen_4
  • shade_natural_ongreen_5

Classic SHADE Gallery

July Long

Celebrate all summer with this parade of colours!

These patriotic blooms paired with contrasting foliage form a season-long celebration, evident of your Canadian pride. Eh?

  • > Red Petunias
  • > White Petunias
  • > Potato Vine
  • > Dracaena Spike
  • > Black Mulch

Colour Palette

icon-classicAll Annual Combination
  • shade_classic_julylong_1
  • shade_classic_julylong_2
  • shade_classic_julylong_3
  • shade_classic_julylong_4
  • shade_classic_julylong_5

Classic SHADE Gallery

Vintage Bouquet

This year, select a rich palette that will add a smooth finish to your shady glen.

Wine reds and flavourful pinks are accented with crisp white notes for a look that is best enjoyed with a bottle of your favourite chardonnay, and a few of your closest friends.

  • > Red Astible
  • > Red Chrysanthemums
  • > Light Pink Bergenia
  • > Silver Bugloss
  • > White Campanulas

Colour Palette

icon-classicAll Perennial Combination
  • shade_classic_vintage_1
  • shade_classic_vintage_2
  • shade_classic_vintage_3
  • shade_classic_vintage_4
  • shade_classic_vintage_5

Classic SHADE Gallery

Bridge at 2 o'clock

Select four of the finest players this summer.

These shade loving feminine blooms have all the tricks to make your garden a winner. Your neighbors will be sure to follow suit!

  • > Coral Hydrangeas
  • > Pink Hydrangeas
  • > Magenta Peonies
  • > Light Pink Iris
  • > White Dianthus

Colour Palette

icon-classicPerennial/Shrub Combination
  • shade_classic_bridge_2
  • shade_classic_bridge_1
  • shade_classic_bridge_3
  • shade_classic_bridge_4
  • shade_classic_bridge_5

Trending SHADE Gallery


Watch your shady space transform right before your eyes.

This fascinating inspiration comes to life with the illusion of ever-changing colour - from translucent, tuberous stems and lime green foliage to accenting pink blooms.

  • > Coral Begonias
  • > Pink Begonias
  • > Red Begonias
  • > Light Pink Begonias
  • > Lime Green Coleus

Colour Palette

colour_type_tAll Annual Combination
  • shade_trendy_cameleon_2
  • shade_trendy_cameleon_4
  • shade_trendy_cameleon_1
  • shade_trendy_cameleon_5
  • shade_trendy_cameleon_3

Trending SHADE Gallery


You have got to love this!

Diverse, outre, and ridiculously flamboyant, this garden inspiration is a real show stopper. Begin with the Bellis daisy, and find other complimentary colours that will pop against a stark black backdrop.

  • > Pink Bellis
  • > Pink Begonias
  • > Light Pink Astilbe
  • > Lime Green Cone Flowers
  • > Black Mondo Grass

Colour Palette

colour_type_tPerennial/Annual Combination
  • shade_trendy_gaga_1
  • shade_trendy_gaga_2
  • shade_trendy_gaga_3
  • shade_trendy_gaga_4
  • shade_trendy_gaga_5

Trending SHADE Gallery

Candied Apple

You deserve a treat!

Sweeten your garden with pops of juicy round candy pink blooms, set off by glossy lime foliage and bold silver grasses that will be sure to get your mouth watering.

  • > Electra Variegated Coral Bells
  • > Red Bellis
  • > Butterfly Weed
  • > Bulbous Oat Grass
  • > Black Mulch

Colour Palette

colour_type_tPerennial/Annual Combination
  • shade_trendy_apple_3
  • shade_trendy_apple_1
  • shade_trendy_apple_2
  • shade_trendy_apple_4
  • shade_trendy_apple_5

Bold SHADE Gallery

Bling in the City

Just off the catwalk,

this garden is all dressed in the latest flowers this season. Accessorize with foliage that accents their unique features.

  • > Red Multi-Coloured Coleus
  • > Orange Begonias
  • > Magenta Osteospermums
  • > Deep Purple Osteospermums
  • > Multi-Coloured Coleus with Lime Accents

Colour Palette

colour_type_bAll Annual Combination
  • shade_bold_blingcity_1
  • shade_bold_blingcity_4
  • shade_bold_blingcity_3
  • shade_bold_blingcity_2
  • shade_bold_blingcity_5

Bold SHADE Gallery

Hosta La Vista

Say goodbye to traditional gardening

and beef up your shady space with bold, adventurous hostas. As there are hundreds of varieties to choose from, carefully plan according to colour and size. The completed look is bold, buff, and a real attention grabber.

  • > Hosta
  • > Hosta
  • > Hosta
  • > Hosta
  • > Hosta

Colour Palette

colour_type_bAll Annual Combination
  • shade_bold_hosta_3
  • shade_bold_hosta_4
  • shade_bold_hosta_2
  • shade_bold_hosta_1
  • shade_bold_hosta_5

Bold SHADE Gallery

Beam Me Up!

Craft your space

with plants that will teleport you to a new dimension. Get creative with the most fluorescent blooms and foliage you will ever encounter.

  • > Magenta Celosia
  • > Orange Celosia
  • > Multi-Coloured Coleus
  • > Purple Corn Flowers
  • > Electric Lime Coral Bells

Colour Palette

colour_type_bAll Annual Combination
  • shade_bold_beam-up_1
  • shade_bold_beam-up_2
  • shade_bold_beam-up_3
  • shade_bold_beam-up_4
  • shade_bold_beam-up_5

Natural Part Sun/Shade Gallery

Fresh Cut Grass

This stunning garden is easy to maintain.

Just plant, sit back, and be amazed at the stunning characteristics of the Castor Bean plant. This selection of vibrant green foliage also looks great up against contrasting red-orange mulch.

  • > Castor Bean
  • > Hosta
  • > White Canna Lily Foliage
  • > Green Envy Zinnias
  • > Red Mulch

Colour Palette

colour_type_nAll Annual Combination
  • partsun_neutral_freshcutgrass_1
  • partsun_neutral_freshcutgrass_2
  • partsun_neutral_freshcutgrass_3
  • partsun_neutral_freshcutgrass_4
  • partsun_neutral_freshcutgrass_5

Natural Part Sun/Shade Gallery

Ballet in the Park

Rhythm, movement, and texture set the stage

for an afternoon of relaxation and enjoyment. Take it all in from the view of your picnic blanket every day this summer.

  • > White Day Lillies
  • > Lysimachia
  • > White Aruncus
  • > White Garden Phlox
  • > Fire and Ice Hostas

Colour Palette

colour_type_nAll Perennial Combination
  • partsun_neutral_balletinthepark_1
  • partsun_neutral_balletinthepark_2
  • partsun_neutral_balletinthepark_3
  • partsun_neutral_balletinthepark_4
  • partsun_neutral_balletinthepark_5

Natural Part Sun/Shade Gallery

Skipping Stones

Remember how un-complicated life could be ...

just you, a rock, and a perfectly calm lake. This palette is a reflection of those solitary times with small white flowers, long grass, and fresh-water hues.

  • > Millet Grass
  • > Queen Anne's Lace
  • > Snow in Summer
  • > Blue Oat Grass
  • > Teal Bugloss

Colour Palette

colour_type_nAll Perennial Combination
  • partsun_neutral_skippingstones_6
  • partsun_neutral_skippingstones_2
  • partsun_neutral_skippingstones_3
  • partsun_neutral_skippingstones_4
  • partsun_neutral_skippingstones_7

Classic Part Sun/Shade Gallery

Fine China

Reminiscent of those special occasions

comes this set of delicate coloured blooms, classic petunias, and geraniums paired with traditional spikes. It’s bound to serve up a palette of perfection.

  • > Light Pink Geraniums
  • > Pink Geraniums
  • > Dark Purple Petunias
  • > Lavendar Petunias
  • > Dracaena Spike

Colour Palette

icon-classicAll Annual Combination
  • partsun_neutral_finechina_1
  • partsun_neutral_finechina_2
  • partsun_neutral_finechina_3
  • partsun_neutral_finechina_4
  • partsun_neutral_finechina_6

Classic Part Sun/Shade Gallery

Kitten Heels

This season, step into an understated classic

garden inspiration. Intricate and delicate short-lived blooms are paired with similar coloured selections to ensure the look doesn’t go out of style all summer.

  • > Columbines
  • > Deep Purple Sweet Peas
  • > Lily of the Valley
  • > Snowflake Candytuft
  • > Black Mulch

Colour Palette

icon-classicAll Annual Combination
  • partsun_classic_kittenheels_1
  • partsun_classic_kittenheels_2
  • partsun_classic_kittenheels_3
  • partsun_classic_kittenheels_4
  • partsun_classic_kittenheels_6

Classic Part Sun/Shade Gallery

Leave it to Vincent

You’ve penciled in VanGogh this afternoon.

He is coming to paint your garden with timeless false sunflowers, saturated foliage, and brush-strokes of natural grasses.

  • > False Sunflowers
  • > Orange Day Lillies
  • > Millet Grass
  • > Karl Foerster
  • > Lady's Mantle

Colour Palette

icon-classicAll Annual Combination
  • partsun_classic_leaveittovincent_1
  • partsun_classic_leaveittovincent_2
  • partsun_classic_leaveittovincent_6
  • partsun_classic_leaveittovincent_4
  • partsun_classic_leaveittovincent_5

Trending Part Sun/Shade Gallery

Chinese Take-Out

It’s your turn to cook tonight.

Place an order with your go-to menu of marigolds, and daisies with your favorite side. Good fortune is sure to come your way this summer!

  • > Orange Marigold
  • > Orange Osteospermums
  • > Yellow Marigolds
  • > Red Snap Dragons
  • > Dusty Miller

Colour Palette

colour_type_tAll Annual Combination
  • shade_trendy_chinesetakeout_1
  • shade_trendy_chinesetakeout_2
  • shade_trendy_chinesetakeout_3
  • shade_trendy_chinesetakeout_4
  • shade_trendy_chinesetakeout_5

Trending Part Sun/Shade Gallery


Who is Zoe?

She’s an aspiring artist who put this palette together in hopes of paying her rent this month. Inspired by her favourite button-up tee, the muted tones and punchy purple accents are guaranteed to be a hit.

  • > Sweet Kate Spiderworts
  • > Yellow Poppies
  • > Lavendar Alliums
  • > Purple Alliums
  • > Hosta

Colour Palette

colour_type_tAll Perennial Combination
  • partsun_trendy_zoe_1
  • partsun_trendy_zoe_2
  • partsun_trendy_zoe_3
  • partsun_trendy_zoe_4
  • partsun_trendy_zoe_5

Trending Part Sun/Shade Gallery

All Day Pool Bar

Float on over to one of your favourite conveniences of an all all inclusive experience.

This blend of tropical colours is at your disposal and served straight up at the snap of your fingers. Admit it. You’ll be here all day.

  • > Elijah Blue Fescue
  • > Halcyon Hostas
  • > Silver Mound
  • > Coconut Lime Cone Flowers
  • > Coral Portulacas

Colour Palette

colour_type_tPerennial/Annual Combination
  • partsun_trendy_alldaypoolbar_1
  • partsun_trendy_alldaypoolbar_2
  • partsun_trendy_alldaypoolbar_3
  • partsun_trendy_alldaypoolbar_6
  • partsun_trendy_alldaypoolbar_5

Bold Part Sun/Shade Gallery

Carnival Lights

Be mesmerized by an array of colour.

Pinwheels of red and yellow look dazzling next to a curtain of contrasting blue. This festive garden will put on a remarkable show from the beginning of the season, to the end.

  • > Yellow Dahlias
  • > Yellow and Red Striped Gazanias
  • > Orange Osteospermums
  • > Red Osteospermums
  • > Blue Lobelia

Colour Palette

colour_type_bAll Annual Combination
  • partsun_bold_carnivallights_1
  • partsun_bold_carnivallights_2
  • partsun_bold_carnivallights_3
  • partsun_bold_carnivallights_4
  • partsun_bold_carnivallights_5

Bold Part Sun/Shade Gallery

Lost in Atlantis

Find yourself in a sea of colour!

Try something new and start the journey with a tropical hibisicus. (Just remember to dig it up every season, and replace when it gets too large.) Submerge your space to new depths by adding foliage in aquamarine, green, and sea blue.

  • > Coral Hibiscus
  • > Pink Begonias
  • > Electric Lime Coral Bells
  • > Woolly Thyme
  • > Elijah Blue Fescue

Colour Palette

colour_type_bPerennial/Annual Combination
  • partsun_bold_lostinatlantis_1
  • partsun_bold_lostinatlantis_3
  • partsun_bold_lostinatlantis_2
  • partsun_bold_lostinatlantis_4
  • partsun_bold_lostinatlantis_6

Bold Part Sun/Shade Gallery

The Lady Killer

It’s mature. It’s sophisticated. And it’s still got it!

This seductive garden is well dressed with desirable style, and with it’s bearded blooms, is sure to turn heads this summer.

  • > Ninebark
  • > Deep Purple Iris
  • > Spirea
  • > Lambs Ear
  • > Yellow Iris

Colour Palette

  • partsun_bold_theladykiller_1
  • partsun_bold_theladykiller_2
  • partsun_bold_theladykiller_3
  • partsun_bold_theladykiller_4
  • partsun_bold_theladykiller_5