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Schriemers Flower & Garden is happy to offer you a wide variety of perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, and herbs. This year, we are offering gardening inspirations that will give you confidence and peace of mind to transform your outdoor spaces into masterpieces you can be proud of. Read our listing below, and then move on to our COLOUR THEORY page to learn the basics of growing in colour.


Schriemers Perennials

Perennial shopping can be quite overwhelming, as there are so many varieties, each with various growing specifics.

We carry a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and bloom times to ensure you will be able to find what you are looking for this season. Perennials also look their best when paired with annuals or shrubs to help keep your gardens look vibrant and lush all season long. We’ve created a Get Inspired page to take the work out of selecting perennials, and to get you started on your gardens.


Schriemers Annuals

Whatever you’re in the mood for this season …

we carry thousands of different varieties and colours that will add that extra pop to your gardens. Annuals look great on their own, or paired with the unique features of perennials. They always look best when planted according to specifications, and in large blocks or rows of colour. Click on the Get Inspired link to begin browsing by colour.


Schriemers Shrubs

Manitoba has ideal growing conditions for many shrubs …

especially since we have four distinct seasons and extremely rich soil both in nutrients, and minerals. Shrubs are best planted in combination with trees, or perennials, and quite often set the backdrop or stage for your outdoor spaces. Once you’ve decided where you require shrubs, come back to the “Get Inspired” page to help with your other plant selections.


Schriemers Trees

We carry hardy, proven, and reliable trees, that won’t let you down for years to come.

All of our trees come with warranties so you can be confident in making your purchase decisions. With everything from deciduous, coniferous, towering local giants, fruit trees, or attractive dwarves, take home what you need for your outdoor space.

Fresh Herbs

Schriemers Fresh Herbs

Indoor and outdoor herb gardening is a great hobby, and a really fun way to add flavour to your summer.

We carry many varieties that are guaranteed to highlight the flavours of your favourite salads, grilling recipies, and summer soups.


Schriemers Vegetables

Pure wholesome vegetable gardening is one of our favourite summer hobbies, with a great return on investment!

With a wide variety of roots and leafy greens, our vegetables are all Manitoba proven and ideal for our growing conditions and soil.

Gardening Supplies

Schriemers Gardening Supplies

No need to run around from store to store looking, we have everything on your list!

On your way out the door, we have a broad product offering of all our favourite gardening supplies. Find everything from rakes, shovels, watering cans, fertilizer, soil, seeds, and bulbs – everything you need to get your masterpiece complete at our one-stop-shop.