Schriemers Market Centre

Get up close and personal with one of Manitoba’s greatest agricultural and economic assets! This tourist attraction is home to all divisions of Schriemers. Available at this location are all Schriemers branded products, and our freshest produce, picked fresh off the vine.

Flower & Garden

Schriemers Flower & Garden

It all starts with colour! Come to the site and get inspired by a variety of looks for this season, created to get you started on your own outdoor masterpiece.

Learn how colour theory works in the garden, browse our plant availability, and have fun exploring our Get Inspired page with lots of gardening themes for you to choose from. Once your creative juices are flowing, come out to our beautiful location for the best products available in Manitoba.

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Vic’s Market

Vic's Market

Founded by Vic Schriemer in 1958, this unique gem in the Manitoba cultural landscape operates as a venue for the best quality produce, and Manitoban-featured market items first, to our local Winnipeg neighbourhood communities. With the second location now open at the Schriemers Market Centre, we aim to continue to expand our unique product offerings to the surrounding areas.

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